Allergan Breast Implant Cancer Lawsuit: What You Should Know


Can Allergan Textured Breast Implants Cause Cancer?

Do You Have Allergan Implants? The FDA has linked Allergan Biocell Textured Breast Implants and other breast products like tissue expanders in breast implant surgery to an increased risk of developing a rare form of cancer labeled breast implant-associated lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). Patients who have had surgery using these products and experienced side effects are now suing the manufacturers for failing to warn patients about the dangers associated with textured breast implants.

If you are experiencing symptoms from Allergan Breast Implants, it is advisable to contact a breast implant cancer lawyer who can help you recover medical costs, lost wages, and other costs associated with you or your loved one’s pain and suffering. Suing these medical device companies can also help send an important signal that manufacturers must make sure their products are safe before releasing them.

What Are Textured Breast Implants?

Allegan Breast Implant Lawsuit

Textured breast implants are one type of breast implant surface that patients may choose when having breast implant surgery. Generally, when patients are considering breast implants, they can choose between either smooth or textured implants. These terms refer to the type of surface present on the implant. Manufacturers introduced textured implants in the early 1970s because it was thought that their textured surface would decrease a side effect known as capsular contracture, where scar tissue constricts the breast implant. Many U.S. surgeons have shifted away from the use of textured implants due to a preference for smooth saline implants, but textured implants remain popular with some U.S. surgeons and with surgeons abroad. A textured surface may also be present on other breast products, like tissue expanders.

Can Textured Breast Implants Cause Cancer?

The general risk of developing BIA-ALCL as a result of breast implants is estimated to be 1 case per 3,817 to 30,000 patients. However, the FDA has found the risk with the Allergan Natrelle BIOCELL textured implants to be approximately 6 times higher than the risk from other manufacturer’s, meaning a range of 1 in every 636 to 5000 patients could suffer from the rare immune system cancer. Furthermore, Allergan has moved forward with a worldwide recall of their BIOCELL textured breast implant products, including: Natrelle Saline-Filled breast implants Natrelle Silicone-Filled breast implants Natrelle Inspira Silicone-Filled breast implants Natrelle 410 Highly Cohesive Anatomically Shaped Silicone-Filled breast implants Other breast products, like textured tissue expanders, also appear to be associated with this increased risk of cancer.

What Are The Symptoms of Breast Implant Cancer?

Allegan Breast Implant Lawsuit

The primary symptoms of breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma are pain and swelling that may last long after the surgical incision has healed. The FDA says that some patients have also observed a lump under the skin or scarring around the implant. A medical professional may also observe fluid collection around the implant. Patients are instructed to monitor the area around the breasts for changes and talk to a health care provider immediately if any of the following symptoms appear which include:

  • Pain and tenderness near breast implant sites
  • Swelling near breast implants
  • Unexplained skin irritation
  • Sudden fatigue & loss of energy

If you experience any of the above symptoms due to Allergan Biocell Breast Implants, contact a medical professional immediately to schedule an evaluation.

What Should I Do If I Have Allergan Breast Implants?

The Allergan Natrelle BIOCELL textured implants represent approximately 5% of breast implants sold in the United States. When it comes to your health, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you currently have the aforementioned Allergan Biocell implants, surgery to remove them is currently not required, but a follow-up with a medical professional is highly advised to ensure you are safe.



Should I Contact A Breast Implant Cancer Lawyer?

We believe that Allergan displayed gross negligence by continuing to sell their products despite knowing the risks associated with them. Therefore, they deserve to be held fully liable for any damages and injuries that resulted from the use of their products. If you have Allergan textured breast implant cancer or symptoms, contact us immediately to discuss your case. We want to help you receive the compensation that you deserve, and hold Allergan accountable for their negligent actions.

Contacting a lawyer for breast implant cancer is the best way to determine whether you have a legal claim against the manufacturer of these breast implants. The experienced defective medical device lawyers and staff at Taylor Martino will listen to your story and explain what the next steps should be legally. Our case evaluations are free and confidential. Contact us today by completing our breast implant case evaluation or by calling us toll free at 1-800-256-7728.

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