According to Alabama’s Department of Transportation’s most recent driving statistics, the roadways in Alabama saw more than 150,000 car wrecks with over 900 fatalities. These numbers show an increase from the previous year, indicating that the unsafe barriers that cause car wrecks are still commonplace along the road. While a good Mobile, Al car wreck lawyer can assist you with the legalities after your crash, we recommend you do everything in your power to avoid a Mobile, AL car wreck in the first place. Not only will you make yourself and the roads safer for us all, but you can prevent insurance claims, car damages, calls to a car wreck lawyer in Mobile, AL and more importantly any injuries or fatalities.

Daily, people take to the roads in a hurry. Some are more focused on their smartphones, than the view outside their windows. While others may be settled into a pattern of reckless driving with the assumption they are “getting away with it” for so long that it seems reasonable. With such a high probability for you to be in a car wreck, the number for a Mobile, AL car wreck Lawyer should be in your speed-dial! However, before you take that step, change your own driving habits to help mitigate as many dangers on the road as possible.

Road safety tips from our Mobile, AL Car Wreck Lawyers

While some of these tips may seem like an obvious choice for how to avoid a Mobile, AL car wreck, they should be fresh in your mind so you can always be as alert as possible on the road. With the amount we drive throughout our lives, you should occasionally take the time to stop and revisit these tips so you stay alert and fresh on the road. These tips are:

  • Be Well-Rested and Sober
  • Know Your Car
  • Check Your Blind Spots
  • Maintain Your Vehicles Condition
  • Put Down The Phone
  • Avoid Speeding

Be Well-Rested and Sober

The sobering reality of drunk driving is that too often drivers get behind the wheel with alcohol in their bloodstream which impairs judgment and slows reaction time. Prevent drunk driving by having a designated driver or don’t drink and get behind the wheel if you have consumed alcohol. While this seems obvious, it still needs to be said. A significant amount of phone calls that our Mobile, AL car wreck lawyers receive are from accidents that involve drivers who are chemically impaired or that are too tired to be driving safely. Both intoxication and sleepiness will lower reaction time or can cause a driver to fall asleep behind the wheel.

Know Your Car

How well do you know your car? While you drive it every day, you may not know the performance limits your vehicle has. While it is not recommended to recreate any accident-like conditions, you can test your vehicle to determine how well it can perform in hazardous situations. For example, how does your car handle during the rain or snow? How are the brakes reacting and how long does it take to stop if you apply maximum pressure? Some safety experts recommend going to a high-performance driving school as one of the best ways to improve your skill as a driver. At these schools, you will “learn what it feels like to drive a car “at the limits” and have an opportunity to practice accident avoidance maneuvers and skid recovery in a safe, controlled environment.’ (Edmunds)

Check Your Blind Spots

Every vehicle on the road has blind spots. Blind spots obscured areas in the drivers’ vision when they cannot see because the vehicle’s mirror system doesn’t reach them. When driving, you need to be aware of your vehicle’s blind spots and remember that other drivers have their blind spots as well. Before making any moves, look in your mirrors and also turn your head to look directly into the lanes beside you to confirm you did not miss anything.  When driving or changing lanes, consider the blind spots of the other drivers around you and stay clear of those spots if possible. While you cannot control the actions of other drivers, you can take your precautions and make sure to keep a safe distance and protect yourself and your car by staying safe and checking all your blind spots.

Maintain Your Vehicle’s Condition

While you should be safe and aware on the road, choosing a good-performing car with excellent safety and proven reliability can further reduce your risks. You can avoid stalls or mechanical malfunctions by changing your oil regularly and monitoring your tire pressure. Stick to your car manufacturers maintenance schedule for your car. Keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape will ensure that it will start, stop and steer when and where you need it!

Put Down The Phone

During any commute you are bound to see people driving slowly, weaving, talking or looking down. The cause of this unsafe behavior is the use of their mobile device. Many states have passed laws making it illegal to operate a phone and drive, but in some places, it is still allowed. No matter where you are driving – it is always a bad idea to talk and drive and also text and drive. When you’re operating a car, it is imperative that you focus on the road in front of you. When you look down and use your phone, your reaction time lessens and you avert your eyes from the possibility of a dangerous situation in front of you. Stopping to text, change your music, or pick up and hold the phone, takes away your focus and opens the door for distracted driving which can lead to a car wreck.

Avoid Speeding

A speed limit exists for a reason, and it isn’t just for you to break it! When you exceed a speed limit, you put yourself and others at risk. The faster you go, the less reaction time you have. If you were to be in an accident at high-speeds, you would be less likely to avoid a collision than you would at slower speeds. As your speed increases, so do all of the measurement forces that will become applied to your car that can lead to catastrophic car wrecks and rollovers.

What to do if you find yourself in need of a Car Wreck Lawyer in Mobile, AL

While you can take every safety precaution while driving, you may still be in danger of those around you. Watch out for other drivers who may be tailgating, swerving, and weaving. If you see these signs in a driver, it is best to drop back and keep a safe distance. It is hard to avoid a car wreck when others around you are not obeying the laws, but remember that you need to take responsibility for yourself and your safety. When you are behind the wheel, focus on the task at hand, and you should be able to avoid a severe car wreck.

If you do find yourself in a car wreck in Alabama, you should contact a professional to discuss your options. An experienced Mobile, AL car wreck lawyer at Taylor Martino P.C. will assess your accident and aid in protecting your rights. Having a lawyer is especially crucial if you suffered severe injuries, as they will help negotiate with your insurance company and fight to get you the highest compensation possible. If you’ve been injured, call a Taylor Martino car wreck lawyer in Mobile, AL and take legal action today! To learn more, contact Taylor Martino P.C. Personal Injury Lawyers for a completely free case evaluation by calling 1-800-256-7728 today!


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