Help your Accident Lawyer in Mobile, AL: Car Accident Photography Tips

Help your Accident Lawyer in Mobile, AL by following these Car Accident Photography Tips.

If you have ever experienced a car accident, or have had to reach out to an accident lawyer in Mobile, AL to help resolve bills or any legalities, you are very aware of how important taking pictures of the accident can be for a lawsuit. After a car accident, you may be running the gamut of feelings or even be injured and confused. However, a good car accident attorney will tell you that any information or pictures collected during the time directly after an accident are incredibly beneficial. Photos taken at the scene of a crash can provide pertinent details that can be crucial to any potential legal proceedings down the road.

Why Take Photos After a Car Wreck in Alabama?

Any professional car accident attorney will always ask if any pictures were taken or what documentation was done at the scene of the accident. Luckily, these days smartphones provide people with a portable camera, so capturing the scene of the crash is easy – if you remember. If you are one of the unfortunate people who find themselves at the scene of an accident, remain calm and try to take as many pictures that you can provide to your accident lawyer in Mobile, AL should you need one.

What Pictures Should You Capture For Your Car Accident Attorney?  

While taking pictures immediately after an accident might not be at the forefront of your mind, we always recommend that one of the first things you should do after is taking pictures when the scene is fresh. Still, make sure that yourself and your passengers are not injured or that you are not going to put yourself and any additional damage by snapping these photos. The scene of a car accident can be very high stress, but if you remember to take some or all of the below photography recommendations, you will be thanking yourself in the future if you have to reach out to a car accident attorney to help with legalities of a crash.

If you are one of the unfortunate people who find themselves at the scene of an accident, remain calm and try to take as many pictures that you can provide to your accident lawyer in Mobile, AL should you need one

Pictures To Take At the Scene Of a Car Accident in Alabama:

The Overall Scene of the Accident: Your first step should be to take general photos of the entire accident site. Take pictures from different angles, making sure you capture street signs, intersections, lights and any other recognizable benchmarks of the area.

The Position of Every Vehicle: Take pictures that capture every automobile that was involved in the accident. Your car accident attorney would like to see where the car landed after the accident and the exact location of where it first occurred.  

The Damage Inflicted to Every Vehicle: Take detailed photos of every car that was damaged at the scene of the accident. This includes varying angles of each damaged car, and also anything stationary that was damaged surrounding the crash. This includes trees, plants, signs, or guardrails. .

Crash Debris: Check the roadway for any skid marks or other remnants of the collision and be sure to take your pictures both head-on and side-view pictures, so you can capture exactly where the cars started to veer off or began to break down. Additionally, if there is a trail of debris trail such as disrupted grass or strewn around car parts, take pictures of this as well.

Pre-Existing Damage: These pictures can be tricky to take, but occasionally, accidents occur within construction zones or any other locations where there may be pre-existing conditions. Deep potholes or construction debris may have contributed to the crash, so photographing and having this information to provide to your car accident attorney will help in future legalities when assessing fault and damage.

Injuries: Take pictures of anyone who was involved in the accident. Not only should you take photos of any injuries sustained, but take a picture of every person involved. Photographic evidence of every active accident participant will help to provide identification later if there is confusion about who was involved.

Use a Time-Stamp: Most smartphones have a date and time stamp function that is easy to access. Utilizing this feature will prove that your pictures were taken at the exact time and place the accident occurred. This will help your car accident lawyer in Mobile, AL with your claims in any future proceedings.

Additional Witnesses: If there were witnesses to the car accident find out where they were and take down their information, phone number and get a detailed account from their point of view. To corroborate their story, make sure you take pictures of them, and photographs from their angle they saw the car accident.

Current Weather at the Time of the Accident: Images of the weather, including clouds, haze, sun, rain or snow can be useful factors when determining the cause. Not only do they set the scene for the accident, but can also disprove anyone attempting to claim such weather conditions did not exist at the time of the crash.

Check for Area Cameras: Check to see if there are any public or private cameras around the scene of the accident. Many nearby businesses, government offices or personal residences have outside security cameras. If you take the right notes and photos, you should know the exact location of the accident, and you may be able to follow up at a later time and see if anyone else has any additional video evidence of the crash.  


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