COVID-19 Business Insurance Claims

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COVID-19 Business Insurance Claims

President Donald Trump recently took aim at the insurance companies in his April 10, 2020 news conference, for the insurance companies’ refusal to pay business interruption claims caused by the coronavirus. Trump said people have been paying for business interruption coverage for years and when they need it, the insurance company says, “We’re not going to give it.” Trump said “We cannot let this happen.” (Fox Business). You should not let it happen either.

The law firm of Taylor/Martino in Mobile, Alabama ( is reviewing commercial insurance claims on behalf of businesses who have lost money as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. If you have business interruption coverage in your policy, your business may be able to recover some of the losses caused by COVID-19. Insurance companies are routinely denying these claims and will continue to do so until you get a lawyer to speak for you. Taylor/Martino will assist your business by reviewing the specific policy language to  determine the validity of the denial. There are legal reasons to challenge the denial of your claim, but it will take a lawyer with expertise to do it.

Taylor Martino is willing to utilize available tools to maintain meaningful contact with clients that will not require them to venture from their homes thereby ensuring their safety and the safety of their families.

Depending on the policy language, you may have coverage for the following: (1) business interruption losses; (2) civil authority claims related to government orders to stop or cut back on business operations; (3) damages related to the cost to restore operations; and/or (4) indirect losses that occur due to damages to another business on which your business depends. Even if your policy has a specific “virus exclusion” we need to review the document. However, many policies do not have the “virus exclusion” which makes your chances better. Taylor/Martino will review your insurance policy at no cost and then we can tell you whether or not we think you have a case. It will be your decision to proceed or not.

A claim must be made with the insurance company (which will be denied) before a lawsuit can be filed. If you retain Taylor/Martino we work on a contingency-fee basis; that is, if we recover money, we get a percentage of any recovery. If we recover nothing, you owe us nothing.You have nothing to lose.

To get started, contact any of the lawyers at Taylor/Martino and email your policy for a review at no cost. Know your rights. “We cannot let this happen.”
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