Defective Hernia Mesh Lawsuit: Do You Need A Surgical Mesh Lawyer?

Defective Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

Defective Hernia Mesh Lawsuit: Do You Need A Surgical Mesh Lawyer?

A Defective Hernia Mesh Lawsuit is a claim against the mesh manufacturer by a patient who received the implant and then suffered serious complications and injuries. Surgical Mesh Lawyers allege that the devices were defectively designed and that the manufacturers failed adequately to warn patients of known and foreseeable risks and side effects.

There are currently thousands of lawsuits pending against multiple manufacturers, most of them as part of a federal multi-district litigation. We have compiled a list of hernia mesh brands and products currently the subject of litigation.

Taylor Martino Rowan is an Alabama personal injury law firm that is representing victims of defective hernia mesh devices. Our lawsuits seek to recover money damages for these those injured by defective hernia mesh, including compensation for

  • medical bills,
  • lost wages,
  • pain and suffering, and
  • punitive damages.

How Complications From Hernia Surgery Can Affect Your Quality of Life

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans undergo surgery for hernia repair. Surgical repairs can either be done through an open repair (“under the knife”) or laparoscopically, which is minimally invasive. In many cases of hernia repair, a surgeon will use a medical device known as hernia mesh (also called a hernia screen or hernia patch) to reduce the risk of recurrence. As the most common procedure occurring in the United States, hundreds of thousands of patients are implanted with hernia mesh each year.

Naturally, the goal of surgery is to alleviate pain resulting from hernias. And while the intentions of patients and doctors alike were to repair hernias, various companies manufacturing hernia meshes did so irresponsibly—resulting in faulty products. In early 2016, the FDA issued a report regarding complications caused by faulty or defective hernia mesh. Everything from pain and infection to bowel obstruction were reported as resulting complications caused by defective mesh. The mesh may dissolve or deteriorate inside the body.

Now, numerous hernia mesh products used to repair hernias during surgery have been reported as having serious health complications. The companies responsible for defective hernia mesh include Atrium/Maquet, Bard/Davol, Ethicon/Johnson & Johnson, and Covidien. The reported health issues related to the hernia mesh include the following:

  • Severe pain in the abdomen, groin, testes, and upper thigh (adhesions)
  • Bowel obstruction
  • Organ obstruction and/or tearing
  • Scar tissue between abdominal organs and other tissue
  • Fistula (tunnel formation) between intestinal tract or stomach and other tissue
  • Severe infection or abscess
Defective Hernia Mesh Lawyers
Defective Hernia Mesh Lawyers

Why Have Hernia Mesh Recall Lawsuits Been Filed?

Numerous Hernia Mesh Recall Lawsuits across the nation have been filed against the manufacturers of hernia mesh. Plaintiffs allege that the manufacturers should have warned patients – and their doctors – of the known potential defects in the devices and the side effects of hernia mesh implants. Further, many of these devices were subject merely to the FDA’s expedited approval process.

Patients who were implanted with faulty hernia mesh have undergone additional surgery to remove mesh or treat complications associated with mesh. These painful complications and additional surgeries result in consequences that negatively affect day to day lives. Time must be taken off work to have the surgeries and recover resulting in lost wages. Arrangements must be made to perform even the smallest of household tasks because it’s difficult to lift items larger than a few pounds. Those who are unfortunate enough to have experienced any of the physical pain and unnecessary problems associated with faulty hernia mesh often feel worse than before their hernia was treated! People are hurt and inconvenienced. But why?

The companies who manufacture these faulty medical products either refuse to adequately test the product before launching it onto the market OR they know the product’s problems and simply refuse to report the findings. As a result, innocent people have suffered.

Contact A Defective Hernia Mesh Lawyer to Assess Your Claim

Taylor Martino Rowan, a personal injury firm based in Mobile, Alabama, seeks to right the injustices performed at the hands of Big Pharma companies and medical device manufacturers. Our hernia mesh lawyers are experienced in mass torts MDL litigation cases and in negotiating with medical device and pharmaceutical settlement representatives. If you or a member of your family has suffered injuries from surgical hernia mesh, you may be entitled to compensation under the MDL litigation process or via settlement.

Since 1988, Taylor Martino has embodied one singular, straightforward purpose: the passionate pursuit of justice for plaintiffs. In their nearly 30 years of operation, attorneys at Taylor Martino have obtained more than a billion dollars in compensation for thousands of clients on a local, regional, and national level.

Now, the attorneys at Taylor Martino have made it their mission to investigate all claims of injuries related to the implantation of hernia mesh in hernia repair procedures. Their team of skilled Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Attorneys possess the knowledge, experience, and dedication necessary to take on Big Pharma using the testimony of those who have had their lives put on hold because of defective hernia mesh.

Contact the devoted team at Taylor Martino to begin the process of rebuilding your life. Click here to request a FREE case evaluation or call 1-800-256-7728 today.


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