A large area of land in Eight Mile, Alabama, has been contaminated with the chemical Mercaptan, which escaped from the Mobile Gas Service Corporation’s natural gas facilities located in Eight Mile. Mercaptan is added to natural gas by natural gas processors to give the gas a detectable smell, because natural gas is odorless. According to the Centers for Disease Control, Mercaptan has “a strong, obnoxious odor like garlic or skunk.” Exposure to Mercaptan can also cause adverse physical reactions.

The escaped Mercaptan entered the groundwater and resurfaced throughout the Eight Mile community, where it entered the atmosphere. Residents of the affected area have lost the use and enjoyment of their homes due to the sickening Mercaptan smell, and their properties have been substantially reduced in value.

Taylor Martino represented many residents of the affected area in a lawsuit against Mobile Gas, which sought monetary damages for the Mercaptan pollution and a cleanup of the pollution. Our firm is no longer accepting Mercaptan pollution cases.

Mercaptan odor investigation report reveals new details – by Letisha Bush, Fox10 News

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