MOBILE, Ala. – This weekend marks the two year anniversary of Timothy Robinson’s devastating injury. The former Leflore football player’s life was seriously altered after being injured during a game. He is permanently confined to a wheelchair. However, the outcome of a recent lawsuit will help his recovery in a tremendous way.

It was a joyous announcement in the atrium of Government Plaza.

Richard Taylor, Robinson’s lawyer, said, “The judge approved Timothy’s confidential settlement with the manufacturer of the helmet that Timothy was wearing in the ball game against Spanish Fort.”

Timothy’s family sued Schutt Manufacturing Company. After reviewing video of the tackle, the lawyer and coaches said it was not an unusual hit, leaving many questioning how Timothy suffered such a severe injury.

“We began an investigation into the helmet, and we were in the process of filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer and found that they were in bankruptcy,” Taylor added.

“We got permission from the bankruptcy court to proceed against the company, and we found that there were five other children across the country who have sustained injuries similar to Timothy’s, wearing the same type of helmet.

“The settlement will help Timothy’s mom Evelyn provide him necessary care. With her husband’s recent passing, Evelyn is the primary caregiver and has taken on extra duties for Timothy. She also had to quit her job. It’s been difficult, and the money comes as a blessing.

“The settlement means to me that I’m not going to be so stressed out with the medical expenses that I would normally have, the incontinent products, things that we normally would have to stress about, the transportation costs,” Evelyn McGhee said.

“It does ease the burden for the everyday financial situation.” Timothy has already come a long way with the resources he has and now will propel even further.

“It’s helped a lot, especially with the communications device with the power chair. It gives him that sense of independence that Tim longs for, and it provided us the opportunity for us to be able to communicate with him better. It also will give him the opportunity to go to school,” added McGhee.

When asked how he’s feeling about the settlement, Timothy responded, “It means that the healing process can begin. Hopefully, I’m able to release my CD and able to go off to college.” Hope and perseverance have gotten him this far, and this settlement should help him fulfill his dreams. The settlement was obtained for all six injured children.

Injured high school football player awarded settlement:


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