Motorcycle-pedestrian accidents can be traumatic. As a pedestrian, getting hit by a heavy piece of machinery can inevitably leave you injured—often suffering from serious or sometimes deadly injuries. The human body is not designed to withstand the amount of force packed behind a vehicle of any kind, even a motorcycle. Additionally, motorcyclists are often thrown from their bikes during any type of collision, including colliding with a pedestrian. 

Due to the nature of motorcycle-pedestrian accidents it can sometimes be difficult to narrow down exactly which party is at fault. Since 2009, pedestrian deaths have increased by more than 63 percent in Alabama. But some researchers are blaming this drastic incline on “distracted walking,” most likely because of one’s focus dedicated to his or her phone. In 2018, the Center for Advanced Public Safety at the University of Alabama estimated that those opting to travel by foot were the cause of just over 70 percent of all pedestrian accidents resulting in the death of the walker, and not the motor vehicle involved. 

This means you will need some strong evidence to prove your innocence or the innocence of your loved one walking the roadways and met by unfortunate tragedy. 

Getting injured in a motorcycle-pedestrian accident can be a daunting experience. It can leave you with mounting medical bills, lost time from work as you recover (resulting in lost wages), and an uncertain future, both physically and financially. Hiring a personal injury lawyer experienced with these types of accident claims, can decrease the added strain of a long, drawn-out legal battle to recover the compensation you deserve during an already difficult time.

Injuries in a Motorcycle-Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrians are much more likely to suffer the brunt of injury in a motorcycle-pedestrian accident. A standard motorcycle can weigh between 400 to 900 pounds, which can create a lot of force when colliding with you. 

Injuries suffered from a motorcycle-pedestrian accident can range from minor to serious, and sometimes even life-threatening. No matter the severity—or seeming insignificance—of your symptoms, you should always see a doctor to rule out not easily seen injuries like fractures, internal bleeding or soft tissue damage. Also, what starts as a slight injury, such as a small cut or abrasion can quickly advance to something more serious (i.e. an infection), if left untreated. 

Common injuries to pedestrians and motorcyclists alike in a motorcycle-pedestrian accident include:

  • Head trauma including traumatic brain injuries like concussion or swelling of the brain
  • Injuries to the back, neck and spinal cord
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Nerve damage
  • Psychological injuries including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Bruising, cuts, lacerations or abrasions, such as road rash
  • Thermal or chemical burns
  • Soft tissue or muscle damage

Finding Fault in a Motorcycle-Pedestrian Accident

Do not assume that simply because you were nonchalantly traveling by foot when a nearly 1,000-pound hunk of metal slammed into you that you are not at fault for the accident. An insurance company will not blindly hand over cash to you out of pity or due to the severity of your injuries alone. 

In fact, Alabama has strict contributory negligence laws that can leave you buried in your own medical bills if you are even one percent at fault for the accident. And yes, this absolutely leads to finger-pointing and victim-blaming. 

Pedestrians are not exempt from following traffic laws. Additionally, the practice of meandering carelessly about roadways, especially distracted on your phone, or jaywalking—illegally crossing a roadway—is dangerous and can prove to be costly to you as you would solely bear the responsibility of your medical expenses as well as those of the potentially injured motorcycle driver.  

But, if the motorcycle driver is at fault, then the victim (who in this scenario would be the pedestrian), would be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages and possibly even pain and suffering. 

A thorough accident investigation will likely be needed to definitively determine fault in a collision between a motorcycle and pedestrian.

What Do I Need to File a Motorcycle-Pedestrian Accident Claim?

Before filing a motorcycle-pedestrian accident claim (also called a personal injury claim), you will need to compile evidence proving that the motorcycle driver was at fault. 

The scene of the crash is where evidence compilation begins. But if you were seriously injured in the collision, you cannot go about collecting this evidence yourself. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you gather necessary evidence after-the-fact to best support your claim and hopefully secure a successful settlement or verdict. 

Relevant evidence might include:

  • Photos of the location where the accident took place
  • Photos of your injuries
  • Eye-witness statements
  • Security camera footage of the accident
  • Accident report
  • Doctor’s reports of your injuries
  • Medical documentation relation to your treatment
  • All paid and unpaid medical bills resulting from your injury
  • Proof of missed time from work and lost wages
  • Funeral expenses (for wrongful death claims)

How Can an Alabama Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Help Me?

The attorneys at Taylor Martino are experienced at handling motorcycle-pedestrian accident claims and litigation in Alabama. We will vigorously fight for you so you can receive the compensation you deserve to rest, recover, and continue caring for and financially supporting your family. We will zealously advocate for you and your legal rights in the traumatic aftermath of a motorcycle-pedestrian crash that has left you or your loved one injured. 

When you hire an Alabama Accident Lawyer, you relieve yourself of the burden of negotiations, paperwork and navigating the court system. You place the burden instead on a team of legal experts dedicated to your financial interests and ready to bring about the best possible result that favors your recovery and your family’s ongoing support during this difficult time. 

Our job is all about you—protecting you in and out of the courtroom. We will do all we can to make sure your suffering is not dragged out and that it does not cost your family a fortune you do not have. Injury should not be coupled with financial insult due to a motorcyclist’s negligence. 

If you or a loved one were injured in a motorcycle-pedestrian accident, contacting an Alabama Accident Lawyer at Taylor Martino can be the first step towards recovery. We offer a free consultation where we will help you evaluate your options and decide the right course of action for you—whether that means negotiating you a fair settlement or filing a lawsuit.

Contact us at 251-433-3131 or here on our website to get started.

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