Powdered Infant Formula May Cause Serious Illness or Death in Infants

A recent study concluded that powdered infant formula can cause serious illness or death in infants. The infants are typically diagnosed with Meningitis, Salmonella, Sepsis or Bacteraemia. These illnesses can often lead to brain damage or death. Powdered infant formula can be contaminated with harmful bacteria during the manufacturing process or contaminated if not handled properly. Doctors often diagnose the illness as Meningitis, Salmonella, Sepsis, or Bacteraemia. These illnesses can be caused by the bacteria E. Sakazakii.

Over the past 40 years there have only been 50 reported cases of people affected with E. Sakazakii, but there is evidence to suggest that many cases go unreported. Most of the reported cases have been infants with the death rate being between 33% and 50%. Infants that do survive usually suffer permanent brain damage.

E. Sakazakii can be found in the environment, but scientific studies have linked the infection in infants to powdered infant formulas. Powdered infant formulas are not sterile and can become contaminated with high amounts of E. Sakazakii during the manufacturing process, or by improper preparation, dilution, storage, or hygiene.

Research has concluded that infants most at risk for becoming infected are those with low birth weights or less than two months old. This condition also suggests that infected infants may be lacking sufficient colonization of the gastrointestinal tract with normal bacterial flora to compete with the opportunistic pathogen, E. sakazakii. Similarly, in the adult cases, most had underlying diseases that could have increased their chances of being infected with E. sakazakii.

Infants that are infected by E. sakazakii show the following symptoms: poor feeding response, irritability, jaundice, grunting respirations, and instability of body temperature. As the infection progresses infants will being to suffer from severe neurological impairment, Ventriculitis, brain cysts and abscesses, cerebral infarction, and hydrocephalus.

If your infant has been diagnosed with Meningitis, Salmonella, Sepsis or Bacteraemia or your infant has been infected with E. sakazakii please click here to contact us.

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