The lawyers of Taylor Martino, PC understand an accident can occur from time to time. They are unavoidable. Since we can’t plan when they will happen, here are some helpful tips to know what to do when you are involved in a motorcycle accident.

First things first.

Make sure everyone is okay. Remove yourself and passenger from high traffic areas to the nearest curb or median. After accessing the situation, it might be best to call for medical assistance. Even if you think you do not need assistance at the time, your adrenaline rushing could hide the fact something is injured. 

After checking on the welfare of you and your possible passenger, the next phone call you need to make is to the police. Filing a police report will come in usual for your insurance and possibly litigation.

Notify your insurance company.

Call your insurance company and report the motorcycle accident as soon as you can. They need to know what has happened to begin working on behalf of you. Your insurance provider will be able to tell you what is required, especially if you are still on sight of the accident.

Photograph as much of the situation as possible.

Now that most everyone has the ability to use their cell phones and snap a few photos, this shouldn’t be a problem. Without putting yourself in harms way of other traffic, get as many angles of the motorcycle crash as you can.

Moving the Motorcycle.

Once the police officer gives you the okay and you have discussed everything with your insurance company, move your motorcycle out of the road or street. If the vehicle is unable to be moved, call a tow truck to come pick up the damaged vehicle. Be sure to keep copies of all receipts for the tow company or any other expenses related to the collision.

Insurance exchange.

Police officers in the State of Alabama usually require each driver involved to fill out a form containing a name, insurance information and other contact information needed.

If the police officer does not give you the information, ask the other driver involved to supply you with their name, driver’s license number, insurance company and policy number.

Sketch out the accident.

Often times, if there is litigation it doesn’t take place until several weeks or months later. Drawing out the situation is a good idea because it could help you remember the accident and how the collision happened.

DO NOT Supply guilt.

Whether your insurance company or the other drivers. Do not admit guilt in the accident. If the opposite driver’s insurance company contacts you for a statement, refer them to your lawyer. Insurance companies usually record any questioning they propose and it could be used against you even if you aren’t saying anything wrong in your mind.

In the event you, or someone you know, is involved in a motorcycle accident, we hope you remember these steps. Remember, stay calm and collected so you can take the necessary actions needed in such situations.

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